Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mats® are designed to:

• Stabilize animals by providing secure footing on all clinical surfaces.
• Offer comfort and minimize stress for the animal, the vet & owner/handler.
• Be durable & easy and quick to disinfect.
• Provide an improved aesthetic to any exam tables.

Our mats are “very durable, reusable, but not indestructible”.  The longevity of your mats depends largely on how busy the practice is and how they are used and treated. Sharp claws certainly will scratch the artwork over time, but the mats primary function of providing comfort and stability will not be affected.

Suggested Care Instructions

We have tested all of the most commonly used disinfectants and are happy to say that you can feel free to use all of them. This includes but is certainly not limited to: Trigene, Trifectant, Watch Dog, and Kennesol. The mats will not absorb or be stained by Chlorhex Scrub (Red), Chlorhexadine Solution (Blue), Betadine, or any brand of diluted bleach.

Disinfecting between patients:
Spraying with a disinfectant and gently wiping down between regular topical procedures is highly recommended.

Most Fearful Animals:
Recommend laying a towel down at first over the mat until the animal has calmed down to avoid the risk of damage to the surface.

Machine or Hand Wash:
A simple hand washing using a brush, hot water and soap is best.  For machine wash, add a towel to the load and use the gentle cycle.  To dry, simply lay flat, wipe gently, and allow to air dry.  Never place in a dryer.


Using Rescue by Virox
The wipes are the most concentrated, so use with care.  Wipe very gently, never rubbing hard, or allow to air dry. Dilution can be down to 2% Rescue/water.

Abrasive Cloths and Cleansers: 
Avoid abrasive cleansers such as Soft Scrub on mats with our paw or other printed designs, as they may degrade the design.  Abrasive cloths and sponges should also be avoided. Paper towels can be abrasive as well.

Canine Parvovirus: 
Since strong bleach is required to decontaminate, not recommended.   

Do Not: 
Tumble dry in a dryer, dry clean, wring, or use an iron.