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Veterinarian Certified

Custom Echo Table Mat


NEW Echo Table Design

We received a request from Julie Azzopardi, LVT, VTS (Cardiologist) located in Michigan, who needed a custom echo table mat to ensure that her patients remained stable and comfortable during exams.

We loved the idea and designed a custom mat that was perfect for her practice.

Now you can order one for your practice too!  


Silver/Stainless, Black, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Prussia Blue, Moss Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Fuscia

Our Process:

Once your order is in our system we will contact you about preparing your custom echo table mat and scheduling production. Feel free to contact us for assistance preparing your mat or answering any questions. Email us at We’ll be happy to assist you. You can place your order now even if you don’t have the specific dimensions yet.

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Silver, BLK, LT Blue, Royal Blue, Prussian Blue, Moss Grn, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Fusia

Pet Vet Mat
We plan to shorten our exam tables soon, so will be ordering new, shorter custom mats for the tables (the longer ones will replace older ones we use in the treatment room). I'll let you know when we have our final measurements. We've been so pleased with the mats, and look forward to more colors too. Thanks again, a satisfied customer..."