A. Currently Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mats are available for purchase through our website. Our orders are processed securely online and for your convenience are typically shipped within 2 business days.
A. Currently Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mats are available in the black and white paw print pattern, as well as 14 solid colors: white, black, brown, dark navy, lime green, moss green, army green, light blue, royal blue, red, fusia, orange, silver/stainless, and yellow. Custom sizes are also available. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
A. Yes, we do offer custom imprinted mats for companies and organizations.  Minimum quantities for such orders may apply.
A. We now offer a smaller Pet Vet Mat that is a perfect size for cats.
A. Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mats can be easily wiped down with a household disinfectant, or hand washed with soap and water. For more detailed care suggestions, visit our

For more detailed care suggestions, visit our Pet Vet Mat Care page.

A. Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mats make great travel mats, as they are easy to transport and provide insulation from the bare ground or hard floors. Because they are so easy to clean, they work great as a kennel liner. They can also be used on grooming tables, or for home exams. Older or arthritic pets often benefit from our mats as dish holders. The mats not only hold the dish securely, but the pet stands on the mat as they eat and drink, avoiding slippery floors and unsure footing.
A. We currently offer three sizes of Pet Vet Mat: 22″x16″, 24″x36″ and 20″x40″, which should satisfy just about every use. If there are other sizes you’d like to see, please contact us. We will make note of all requests to help us determine if there is a need for other sizes. We also can supply custom sizes, and prices will depend upon quantities required.
A. No mat is indestructible, although ours are very durable. A veterinary or groomer use of the mat in an active practice can be serviceable for several months, depending upon how pets respond to treatment and exams. Individual mats used in homes certainly will not be exposed to the same usage in a veterinarian setting, and should last much longer.
A. We stand behind our products as having the highest quality materials and workmanship. No one can predict how long a mat will last because of the variances in use. Our customers understand this, and we look forward to working with any customers who believe that the mat has not provided excellent value and service.