Custom Shapes and Sizes

Pet Vet Mats has been providing Innovative Pet Exam Table Mats to thousands of satisfied practitioners for over five years.  We’re Vet Tested and Vet Certified and our innovative non-slip products are in use throughout the U.S. and several countries in Europe.

We received the following message from “Norman”:

“I saw your mats at my vets office.  I have a large window sill in a bow window where my dogs sit.  The have scratched the wood.  I was wondering if you customize the mats?  If I send you a template can you make a mat?”

Well, Norman sent us the template and we made him a customized mat for his window?  How cool is that?

So, whether you are a Veterinarian with a request for a size unique to your practice, or a Pet Owner who is looking for a solution for the home … We Can Do It!

Pet owners now can take advantage of the stability and non-slip surface found in their vet’s offices, and their pets can now be just as safe and comfortable at home.

Let us know your needs – contact us today.

Veterinarian Tested & Veterinarian Certified.
Fear Free Preferred Provider.